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The Secretly Easy Way to the Hair of Your Dreams

Shannan Boccignone


Extensions used to be an elusive and expensive luxury that seemed only celebrities could accomplish. Yet now, we have access to the most coming-of-age technology at prices that really don't break the bank. So many of our favorite celebrities like Chrissy Teigan are rocking this easy-to-pull-off beauty secret. 

Our renown stylists are in love with Great Lengths Extensions, made from 100% human hair and one of the finest brands on the market. It's never been so easy to add length, dimension, thickening, and color accents without committing to a permanent style or color treatment. Add volume to the perfect special occasion look like your wedding. Or choose from a rainbow of strands that will flair up your conventional color for this summer's hottest music festival.

Extensions are perfect for any hair type, age, and taste. We offer free consultations for anyone interested in making a subtle or drastic change to their hair. Contact us for details on how to discover how to achieve the hair of your dreams!

Before extensions

Before extensions

After extensions

After extensions

Summer Hair: Memorial Day is here just in time for a sizzling sunset ombre.

Shannan Boccignone

Memorial Day Weekend signals the start to summer and all it's trending glory. Beach wardrobe is first choice and the warm weather gets us all outside for barbecues, bonfires, and pool parties. 

We also love the different options for hair color that make sense in the sizzling summer sun. Our in-house stylist Crystal Devor recently put together a rose gold getup that will make you melt. The client originally had a red violet ombre that she wanted to gild up for the hotter season. What resulted was a gorgeous rose gold, sunset-inspired ombre masterpiece. Here's the color technique Crystal used to pull off such a stunning style:

  1. Use a color remover to pull out the red pigment as much as possible.
  2. Apply an all-over ombre foiling technique with Wella Blondor bleach and 40 volume developer. 
  3. Once the hair lifts to the desired blonde, hand paint on fashion colors. Crystal uses Keune Orange and Magenta blended into each other, then Joico Metallic and Rose near the ends.

How to Achieve the Perfect Blowout

Shannan Boccignone

Veronica Bowers is one of Allen James' top hair stylists. Her years of experience have made her an expert at providing her clients awesome salon-finished hair. Now she has shared some of her favorite take-home tips to help you recreate your salon look in the convenience of your own home. 

Veronica's Favorite Styling Products & Tools

As we all know what may work for one hair type will not do as good of a job on another hair type. Here is a comprehensive list of Veronica's favorite products that will manage and maintain all hair types including fine, thick, and coarse hair. 

For Fine Hair

  • Kevin Murphy FULL.AGAIN thickening lotion
  • Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY weightless volume spray
  • Kevin Murphy DAMAGE.MANAGER instant heat sheilding spray

For Thick, Coarse Hair

  • -Kevin Murphy SMOOTH.AGAIN anti-frizz treatment
  • -Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY weightless volume spray
  • -Kevin Murphy DAMAGE.MANAGER instant heat sheilding spray

Finishing Products for All Hair Types

  • Kevin Murphy EASY.RIDER anti-frizz creme 
  • Kevin Murphy SHIMMER.SHINE reparing shine mist.   
  • Kevin Murphy SESSION.SPRAY strong hold finnishing spray

Tools for All Hair Types

  • Boar Bristle Round Brush
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hair Clip
  • Velcro Rollers (optional)

The Boar Bristle Brush is an excellent choice, as it helps to smooth down the cuticle which reduces frizz and creates shine.  The Velcro Rollers are an added tool to help create more, longer-lasting volume at the roots. In this case, they aren't used for curls. 


The Blowout

Once hair has been washed and towel dried, comb it out according to your part line for a great starting point.

  1. Apply the appropriate styling lotion to your hair according to your type and begin blow-drying with a round brush holding it approximately 2-3 inches away from the brush as not to burn the hair. It always helps to begin in the front in order to maintain control of the way in which your style will lay. 
  2. Once the roots are about 80% dry, lightly mist the Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY weightless volume spray in at the root around the crown area and continue on with your round brush and hair dryer.  (Helpful tip: should you have some areas that seem over-volumized, don't fuss and leave them alone to let them settle and move onto your next section.
  3. Once the front is dry, secure the hair around your occipital with the clip so you can focus on drying the hair in your nape area. 
  4. Once the front and nape are dry, you can drop down a section of hair that has been clipped up using horizontal rows and continue round brushing until there are no more sections to complete. At this point or while each section is still hot, you can roll in your Velcro Rollers to create more volume if desired. Once cooled remove rollers and allow hair to settle into the style.

Finishing Strong

The key to a gorgeous blowout is the finishing products.  We are crazy about combining the Kevin Murphy EASY.RIDER Anti-Frizz Creme with the Kevin Murphy SHIMMER.SHINE repairing shine mist.  

  1. Combine both products in your hand by using a dime sized dab of the EASY.RIDER followed by 1 to 2 sprays of the SHIMMER.SHINE. Work them together in your hands and run through the hair starting in the most untamed spots first.  This dynamic duo helps to create a flexible hold and shine while it tames frizz and fly-aways. 
  2. Lastly if you love hair spray, spray away!  I prefer to use the Kevin Murphy SESSION.SPRAY. as this strong hold spray can be lightly misted for a little flexibilty or it can be layered on for a much stronger hold that will last all day.

For more assistance, leave your questions of comments below!