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Trending on Nails: Dipped Acrylics, Unicorn Polish, and Chrome Finishes


Trending on Nails: Dipped Acrylics, Unicorn Polish, and Chrome Finishes

Shannan Boccignone


Acrylic nails are definitely not a new invention. They have been a godsend when our natural nails just won't cut it. We get to choose the length, width, and even the shape of the tip with classic round edges, sharp square-cut, or the ever popular stiletto. Pink and white, natural with polish, the possibilities are endless. Is there really anything else that can be invented to update this classic look? Absolutely, enter the dipped acrylic phenomenon!

Dipped acrylic nails: a mod take on the classic fake


Dipped acrylic nails are brand new and gorgeous. It's like a hybrid of the thick, strong nail mixed with a gel polish that finishes in a variety of colors and looks. We've ogled everything from gorgeous glitter to ombre polish, to a textured but natural look. This evolution of acrylics is still growing with so many options to choose from in regards to color stories and finishing effects. Your nails will be a bit thinner than the old school set, but still have the durability to prevent breakage, biting, and all the other elements that threaten our hand's built-in accessories. Even removal is easier than the old soak and clip of the past. Minimize drilling and chemical contact.

Chrome beyond the horn of a unicorn

We are truly obsessed with the diverse color stories possible when using unicorn nail polish. You can create almost a rainbow effect by mixing colors or just stick with one and allow the hologram powder to finish with pizazz and mesmerize adoring eyes. The hologram powder adds a rainbow sheen that transforms any classic polish look. Metallic nails really move gracefully along the seasons as long as the base color matches the mood of the month you're in. Choose pink in the Spring or a deep fiery purple as you move into Fall, and maintain the your hologram spark all year long. The customs of classic matte polish with a shiny topcoat are officially in the past.

Interested in trying your first set of dipped acrylics or discovering the gorgeous potential of unicorn nails? Call or stop by our salon for availability to experience the latest nail art from our in-house experts Christine and Sharla.