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5 Steps in 5 Minutes to Keep Your Post-Facial Glow


5 Steps in 5 Minutes to Keep Your Post-Facial Glow

Shannan Boccignone


You've just left your skincare professional and heads are turning. People in the fluorescent lighting of the grocery are noticing your beaming complexion and wondering how anyone can look so perfect under that kind of flaw-exposing light. When you get home, date night prep only requires a few coats of mascara and you look gorgeous. There's no need to mask that glow with coverup.

But then the next morning arrives and duty calls: you need to shower. You know all that amazing product from your facial that was making you look your best is going right down the shower drain. But does it really need to?

At-home skincare is very straightforward when you have the know-how and the right tools. Keeping up with your complexion only involves several daily steps with a few, sporadic extras that only take up a small portion of your week. Here is the best way to easily keep your face glowing until your next facial appointment in 5 easy steps in only 5 minutes.

  1. CLEANSE. This is a daily step that should occur morning and night. In the morning, it is important to wash away the excess oil and dirt that can accumulate on your pillow. (Pillow cases should also be washed weekly so you're not sleeping on a hotbed of pore-clogging gunk!) In the evening, routine cleansing removes the buildup of the day--makeup, sweat, and airborne matter like free radicals that can clog pores during the night and nullify the hard work in your beauty sleep.
  2. TONE. Toning your skin helps restore its proper pH balance after cleansing. It can either add or balance hydration so that your skin hasn't been stripped of the necessary oils that keep it healthy throughout the day
  3. TREAT. Adding a specialized treatment serum is a great way to target imperfections. Looking to mask fine lines and dark spots? Vitamin C treatments help with collagen production and can fade the look of sun damage or acne scarring. Is your skin on the dryer side? Adding a serum with hyaluronic acid can help attract moisture into your cells keeping them plump all day long. No matter what your issue is, they have an app-lication for that. 
  4. HYDRATE. Dry and aging skins can benefit from a moisturizer as the final step in daily skincare. Even oily/combination skins can benefit from formulations that help with oil production and blemishes. Often times just a pea-size amount is needed to do the trick so be mindful of your portion and make your tiny jar last months.
  5. PROTECT. (Daytime only) In our day and age, this is one of the most important steps. Sunscreen and antioxidants can help keep your skin youthful for years past your 20's. Even during winter, your skin is susceptible to UV damage so don't forget it just because the sun might be hiding. Find a sunscreen formulated for your skin type, as there are many oil-free options for those who are breakout-prone. If you are using an acne treatment in your routine, your skin might be even more prone to sun damage. Also, free radical damage is another environmental threat to consider. Pollution, smoke, and other particles in the air can latch on to skin cells and rob them of their livelihood. Antioxidants help to reduce against the premature aging that can be associated with this type of threat.

Extra skin love that won't be necessary every day:

  1. EXFOLIANTS. Exfoliation can occur anywhere from 1-3x per week based on the recommendation of your aesthetician. There are two types of exfoliation: chemical and physical. Chemical exfoliation uses ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxy acids to help remove cell buildup, the surface of acne, and mature/delicate types of skin. This method is ideal for acneic skin types because it doesn't disrupt and spread bacteria inside pimples that can cause repeat visits. It is also beneficial for aging skin so that delicate complexions don't micro-tear. Physical exfoliation are products like fine, granular scrubs that can help control thicker, oily skin types that aren't prone to breakouts. They smooth the surface and help with oil control.
  2. MASKS. Masks are a spa-like way to indulge your skin in an extra weekly treat. They can hydrate, purify, brighten, and nourish depending on the product and skin type. They are a fun step to add to your routine on a Sunday night to help kick start a glowing week of beauty ahead.

Find the products that will work for you when it comes to maintaining your post-facial glow. Helen, our in-house aesthetician, loves Yon-Ka skincare products. She can offer a consultation to recommend the best take-home tools for your needs available right in our salon. Contact us for more details on how to keep it glowin'.